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polyweb urethane screen

The development of fine mesh, high open area, polyurethane screen surfaces is perhaps one of s most notable contributions to the science of fine particle separations. With three to four times more effective open area than conventional urethane screens, fine mesh urethane screen surfaces will not blind with nearsize particles. And while all urethane screens are well known for their abrasion resistance, only urethane screen surfaces combine long life with capacity and performance rivaling that of conventional woven wire screens. urethane screen surfaces make all other screening technologies obsolete and old notions of low capacity, blinding, and high screen panel consumption can be discarded.

slot: 0.075mm  0.1mm  0.12mm 0.15mm  0.2mm  0.25mm  0.3mm  0.42mm  0.5mm  0.6mm 0.75mm 0.9mm 1.0mm ...

max length:1500mm   max width:1500mm  service life:≥6month.